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Types of licenses

All the music I create and represent here or on any other place on the internet is copyrighted and purchasing a license for its usage is needed for your own music production or different manipulation with the lease you can purchase. Different types of license have their own properties which allow you to use a particular instrumental composition for certain thing and a certain amount of using. Pick the license you think fits you the best and read a license agreement on a checkout page when you getting your beat.

You can also get my compositions for free. In this meaning, you get (download) my music only for personal usage. It means you cannot use it in any commercial way. If you have any interests in using my tracks in commercial ways, please, contact me, or buy the license.

List of available licenses on this moment


$19 / track
  • MP3, Untagged
  • Sell up to 3,000
  • 500k audio/video streams
  • 1 music video
  • 2 radio stations


$39 / track
  • WAV, Untagged
  • Sell up to 6,000
  • 500k audio/video streams
  • 1 music video
  • 2 radio stations


$140.00 / track
  • WAV trackout stems, Untagged
  • Unlimited sells
  • Unlimited audio/video streams
  • Unlimited music video
  • Unlimited radio stations


$299.00 / track
  • WAV, Untagged
  • All right for the track
  • Beat publishing 50%
  • Beat with hook 35%
  • Song references 0%