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Where to download free rap beats (3 the most efficient ways)

Where to download free rap beats (3 the most efficient ways)

If you are a beginning rapper or basically don’t have enough money for your rap career now, then you can start with free beats. But I should inform you, that it’s reasonable only for starting artists because if you want to make money from your music, you will need an official license for using a particular beat. Such rights are required for selling and streaming your music.

So where to get beats for free? Exist a few places where you can find great beats in any genres, and if you are lucky enough you can even find a beat with free commercial license. So let’s move to the first point:

Yes, you might know this platform as a beat selling service, but they have one section, where you can download beats for free, there is the link to this page. Usually, to get a beat for free, you need to enter your e-mail address, and in some cases follow social networks of the author. You can also visit my own page on Beatstars, and download my beats there.

The only two disadvantages of this method of downloading free beats are that you don’t have a special license, which allows you selling and streaming beats, and you most likely would have an audio tag on each beat.

This option is best if you want to practice in making rap songs. You can easily use them and show your works to your friends or other people. You can also download the beats for trying it on your lyrics and flow before actually buying it. This is a pretty great opportunity.

YouTube free beats

There are a lot of free beats, literally tens of thousands of free beats out there. To find them you can just go to YouTube and type in the search field “Free rap beats”, you will find a lot of impressive and outstanding works there, which you can download. Usually, authors leave the link in description or in the first pinned comment. Not all of these beats are free for commercial usage, but with patience, you can find completely free beats.

And here is some tip for you. That’s how you can find specific beats for your rap music. For instance, you want your works to sound like Drake songs, then you will need to find instrumentals with the same vibe or Drake music. To find such beats, just search on YouTube “Drake type beats”, and if you want to try to get such beats for free, just add “free” in your search request.

Giveaway from authors

Some authors of good and outstanding beats make giveaways of mp3 or WAV beats on their own websites. Usually, you would need to subscribe your email on newsletters to get a free copy of a beat, but before using this beat for commercial purposes, make sure you are eligible to do it.

For instance, you can get a free mp3 beat on my website, but you should win a wheel spin. There are also other gifts in it, like a 64% discount coupon. You are welcome to use this opportunity, I wish you good luck 😉


Okay, these were the most used ways to get free beats for different purposes. Of course, there are more options, like you can write to a producer directly and make some deal. There are always opportunities, especially when you can access internet resources easily.

I am still recommending you buying beats to make your music career clean and trustworthy because it’s too easy to lose your reputation in a rap game, but very difficult to earn it again. Thank you for reading this article, I hope it was useful for you because I really want to help people in this amazing industry like music production. And of course, I am inviting you to check out my work right here 🙂

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