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How to make an outstanding rap song – Step by step guide

Rap is a unique genre of music which has a lot of subgenres, each of them has its own sound and vibe. But in this article, I will tell you how to make a nice outstanding rap song in any genre you feel like, just follow the guide and I promise you, your product will have outstanding quality.

First of all, how to make it outstanding? You need good equipment, a decent voice/reading characteristics, and adequate flow. A lot of SoundCloud rappers just buy (or steal) a beat online and record it on their phone without any mixing. This action is an advanced failure. To create a great product you need talent, but if you haven’t found it yet, make sure to plan each part of your song.

Make a plan

I know, writing music is a creative process and you can’t make a plan for this. But I am talking about preparing everything to make your creation sound professional and rich.

So what should be in the plan? Add there a theme of your song, buy some lyrics if you can’t come up with it yourself, then make sure you have a good instrumental for the theme you have picked and also have good equipment to record yourself. After all, you will need a good sound engineer, who will mix your voice with a beat. If you want to publish your song as a single, be ready to get some cover art for your track and prepare social fields to drop your music there. After you get everything checked, go to the next step.

Get your lyrics ready

Writing lyrics to make an outstanding rap song

Nowadays exist a lot of ways to get your test done. First and the best ways is to write them by yourself, with all your expressions, thoughts and vibe. Of course, it requires some skill and practice to write good lyrics with a nice rhythm and deliverance. The best advice here is, to be honest, be yourself.

But if you feel empty and can’t come up with anything, you can ask your friends to provide a couple of ideas or come to professional writers and buy some individual lyrics for you. Usually, you can find such a service in music studios, try to check if you have some in your city and call them.

When you finally have your lyrics done, it’s the time to move to the next step in creating your dream rap song.

Get couple beats (instrumentals)

It’s way easier to pick some beats for your project when you already have a plan and lyrics. Now you just need to ask your beatmaker for some instrumentals for you. You can buy or lease them. With the help of internet, you can browse a lot of beats with preview and choose the best one for your rap song. The most popular website with a lot of beatmakers is Beatstars.

When you have picked some beats for you, try to read your lyrics with it, and if it sounds amazing, get the beat and go to the next step of this guide.

Record your voice

As have been said before, you need a really good equipment to record a decent song. Get at least сondenser microphone (Shure or Audio Technica). By the way, you will need a required sound card or audio interface for this kind of microphone. But again, if you don’t want to buy and set all this stuff buy yourself, just go to some audio studio in your city and record or voice on professional field.

While recording your rap song, try to express everything in your mind and your text, play with your flow and don’t forget to be creative, it will make a good start for the next step.

Mix your voice with the beat

Now you have your song recorded, your beats ready, and the (almost) last step is to compose together these two tracks into one amazing rap song. If you have a sound engineer on a side, ask him or her to mix up your tracks, usually, it takes a couple of hours to make your track sound awesome.

If you don’t know any sound engineers, then you most likely can get this service in the same sound studio you have recorded your voice in. Just make sure, they are qualified producers who can make an outstanding mixing with required sound effects. This step is very important because this is the last moment when you can edit your track before your listeners will enjoy your work. So be a bit more attentive on this particular stage.

Publish your track and promote it

You all done! Now you have your amazing rap song, and its ready to blow up the charts and turn your listeners into your fans. The only thing left is to deliver your song to the ears of your audience.

First of all, make sure you have a nice cover image (if you are uploading a single). Then pick a few places where you will broadcast and sell your music, usually, these places are Spotify, Google music, iTunes. To get your music there, you will need the help of distributors. Spotify itself recommends using such distributors as Distrokid, CDbaby, EmuBands.

After you have uploaded your song or several songs on platforms, you need to provide links of your tracks to your audience. You can do it through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. If you don’t have your audience yet, you can use the help of advertisement service of these social networks. Just create a promotion post and it will reach your potential listeners.

It’s all done now!

Wow, it was a huge work. I hope you will use this guide successfully, to make a lot of amazing and creative works. I will be happy to hear some of your music, you can share it here in comments, or reach me on social networks.

Good luck with all your projects and enjoy creating music!

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