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How to come up with a rap name (3 different ways + tips)

Hola! In this article, I will tell you 3 different ways of how to come up with your own original and memorable rap name, or nickname. I think you understand that it’s important to make a good and unique name as an artist, so you are more recognizable around people and other rappers.

1st method – Inside yourself

How to come up with a rap name - find it inside yourself

The first way of coming up with your original rap name is the most interesting and reflecting. In this method you need to analyze yourself a lot, probably write down some things. So the method is that you need to think about yourself as a general man, then as a music artist.

First of all, define your personality, are you a more modest or energetic kind of man? Do you like cars or maybe gadgets? Do you like attending parties or maybe play video games with your friend? This all is important for building an understanding of your personality and then making a reasonable nickname from it.

After this important step, think about yourself as an artist, analyze your music, your sound, and vibe. It might be aggressive kind of music, or maybe calm melodies with a simple flow. Try to monitor how you write your lyrics, what do you feel while producing music, these all are important stuff. You can write them down, to make it easier to analyze yourself.

When you already have an understanding of your musical direction and personal characteristics, you can combine them and come up with a suitable rap name for yourself. If nothing still isn’t coming on the mind, you can use these words from your analysis, like your traits or perks. This method of making a nickname could produce for yourself a rap name link PARTYNEXTDOOR or Night Lovell.

2nd method – outside yourself

How to come up with a rap name - look outside, look around

This way of making a rap name is easier and doesn’t take that much time and effort. For implementing this one you need to look around yourself: what people are around you, where are you from, where do you work or used to work? All this stuff can help you to come up with an awesome and remarkable rap name.

For instance, if you have worked as a pizza courier for a while, and this is what influenced your music career, you can use a nickname like Pizza Dopeman. There are a lot of variations and ways you can use this method. You can clearly see this kind of way of coming up with a rap name has used by Westside Connection and some individual artists.

3rd method – generation

How to come up with a rap name - generate it randomly

This particular technique is very easy in comparing to previous ones. Here you just need to enter a special website which can generate rap names for you. Some of them generate a nickname wholly randomly, others require you to enter your real name or other information. There I am providing you some web services which can generate your brand new nickname:

Couple tips for making a rap nickname (BONUS)

How to come up with a rap name - a couple tips for beginning rappers.

Tip #1

Be creative with your rap name. Nowadays it’s very important to have a unique and original rap name because people need to identify in social networks and internet easily. It also helps with finding you on music platforms such as Spotify. For instance, somebody wasn’t creative enough with his nickname and picked just “Night”, but when people tried to find him on some platform, they would see a lot of tracks and artists with this title or with a title which contains this word. So be creative, my friend.

Tip #2

This tip will help you to adjust your mindset and make you more confident with what you do and which goals you will achieve. So the tip is ” As you name the boat, so shall it float”. Yes, I am being serious about it and about benefits this trick can give you. My own nickname contains word “Rich”, so I am expecting to have some good wealth, so I can produce a lot of good content and enjoy by doing it without any worrying about financial issues.

That’s all for this article, I hope these ways of coming up with a rap name and couple tips were useful for you. I would be happy to see you again in my other writings, see you later ❤️
Oh, by the way, I would be quite honored if you check my library of beats, I have been making them with all my love.

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