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Slowed Down – Club Rap Beat for Freestyle


“Slowed Down” is a club type rap beat for freestyling and studio recording. It has good bass lines (including 808s), catchy drums with sharp-hitting hi-hats, and major scaled melody. Check this instrumental out and you will hear how perfect it is for freestyle rap and how good it will sound in a club. The beat is also well-composed and mixed, so you can record on it right now and get a great-quality song.


This track is selling for price from $19, the indicated price is for “mp3 license”, we’re also offering different options, even exclusive rights:

  • mp3 – $19
  • mp3 + WAV – $39
  • mp3 + WAV + Track-out – $65
  • Unlimited Rights – $140
  • Exclusive Rights – $299

To read more about the licenses, follow this link

You can also download this beat for free and use it for non-commercial purposes. For instance, if you want to try to record on this instrumental before buying and publishing it. For getting profit from a track with the beat (performing, streaming, selling, using for ads and etc.) you need to purchase a license.

P.S The free track is tagged, if you also want to have a clear untagged beat, consider purchasing a license.





Scale (key)



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