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Bullet – 808 No Melody Type Beat


This rap beat has no melody, it makes it focus more on the 808s (bass) and percussions which are done perfectly in this instrumental. Such a beat has a catchy texture and sharp sound, it makes it a brilliant option for aggressive tracks (like Dababy) or to put there sharp and savage flow. Check out this beat, if you are looking for 808 type beats, this is exactly what you need 🔥


This track is selling for price from $19, the indicated price is for “mp3 license”, we’re also offering different options, even exclusive rights:

  • mp3 – $19
  • mp3 + WAV – $39
  • mp3 + WAV + Track-out – $65
  • Unlimited Rights – $140
  • Exclusive Rights – $299

To read more about the licenses, follow this link

You can also download this beat for free and use it for non-commercial purposes. For instance, if you want to try to record on this instrumental before buying and publishing it. For getting profit from a track with the beat (performing, streaming, selling, using for ads and etc.) you need to purchase a license.

P.S The free track is tagged, if you also want to have a clear untagged beat, consider purchasing a license.






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