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How to purchase a beat

This page is a detailed guide on how to purchase a beat on this particular website.
Let’s start with a page of available for purchasing beats. You can access this page by clicking here or by navigating in the top menu (header). You will see a list of beats on this page, which you can browse and listen. When you have picked the composition you like, click on the button “Add” to add the track in a cart. You can see an example on the provided further picture.

When you click on that button, this window will appear. This is a window with choosing a type of license, you need to pick the most suitable type of license for you. If you want, you can check available types of licenses and their descriptions here.

When you choose a license you need and click on it, this little label will appear. If you added all the beats you need in the cart, click on this button “Proceed to checkout”.

After picking a license, you will be forwarded on the next window with checkout information, where you can check all the details of the beat or beats your going to purchase. Here you can also apply a coupon, look at an available bulk deals and review a license agreement. After you are done checking all the information, put a mark on the field “I reviewed and agreed to the Track(s) License Agreements”, then click on the button “Pay via PayPal or Credit card”.

When the payment is done, you will be able to download all the files of the beat(s) you have purchased. All the mp3, wav and stem files will also be sent on your email address if you are registered and authorized on a BeatStars website.

Thank you for your attention, I hope this information was useful for you.